IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Please read before completing scholarship application.

The minimum requirements to apply for the GCC Scholarship are that you must have completed 12 units at GCC and have a GPA of 2.5 or higher. We have over 500 scholarships available and you may apply for all of them by filling out one simple application.

To apply for a scholarship, log into your MYGCC account and click "My Scholarship." Make sure that you apply for the current year. After submitting your application, you may update it using the same link. 

For your Personal Statement : Please tell us why you should be considered for a scholarship.

Please note you are limited to 600 characters (not words) for the Personal Statement, Community Activities, and Campus Activities.

After submitting your application, ask a teacher, counselor, or any staff at Glendale Community College to write you a recommendation. The instructions for them to do so are listed below. Please print or copy this for them. 

The recommendation needs to be done online. Go to for instructions. The instructions are on a tab on the left. Please note: you are limited to 1000 characters (not words) for the recommendation, (includes spaces and punctuation).

We select scholarship recipients at the end of the Fall and Spring semester. Award letters are mailed in Winter and Summer sessions. If you do not receive a scholarship, you will not be notified.

Good luck!

Go to SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION (You must log in to MyGCC to apply) >>

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