The primary mission of all educational institutions is learning, Glendale Community College recognizes that there are many activities and programs outside of the classroom which enhance the learning process. Consequently, numerous student services have been established to help students move toward the attainment of their goals.

Student Services, by contributing to the overall educational process at the college, is committed to serving the special needs of a diverse student population. Thus, the variety and comprehensive nature of student services at the college is intended to support a multitude of concerns for a large and changing student enrollment.

Student Services is committed to assisting students to attain their educational goals and personal development through a comprehensive program of student services. The major student support programs are:

Enrollment Services - Outreach and recruitment, admissions, orientation, assessment, counseling, advisement, educational planning, registration and record services to assist students in enrolling in the appropriate classes.

Support Services - Counseling services, learning assistance, tutoring, adult re-entry programs, career guidance, job placement, veterans' services, transfer services, disabled student program, health services and library services to help students develop goals, to plan for achieving desired results, and to support and contribute to students self-realization.

Financial Services - Financial aid, student employment, scholarships, and awards for student who need financial assistance.

Activity Programs - Athletics, student clubs, student government and student activities to broaden the students' involvement in college life.

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