Winter 2015

Anthropology 102- Cultural Anthropology
Instructor: Professor Victoria Buresch
On Campus: January 5- 21
At field station: January 22-30
Price: $550* Cost does not include registration or unit fees

3 Units of Lecture

Description: This lecture course includes an examination of the different theories of culture, the methods of fieldwork, and the comparison of cultures from around the world including our own. Extensive variation in traditional and contemporary aspects of society from every major geographic region in terms of linguistic, social, political, economic, and technological organization are also covered. The courses includes exploration of kinship, marriage, gender, domestic groups, ritual belief systems, and the arts. Transfer Credit CSU, UC

Photography 101 - Introduction to Photography
Instructor: Professor Mary-Linn Hughes   
On Campus: January 5-21 and February 3 & 5
At field station: January 22-30
Price: $550* Cost does not include registration or unit fees
Units: 2 units of lecture and 2 units of studio
Description: PHOTO 101 is a beginning photography course in which students will be introduced to basic camera features and photo composition.
The course covers consumer level digital camera and 35mm fi lm camera features such as the aperture, shutter, and light meter, methods to obtain proper exposures and creative control, and composition to improve image quality. Students will learn to process and print traditional black and white photos as well as digital methods of image production.
Emphasis is placed on print quality and composition throughout the course. This is a foundation course required for the photography
certificate. Lecture 2 hours/Studio 4 hours. Prerequisite: None. Transfer Credit: CSU, UC, USC


BIOLOGY 125 - Introduction to Marine Biology
BIOLOGY 126 - Field/Laboratory Investigations in Marine Biology
Instructor: Dr. Javier Gago 
On Campus: June 15-28
At field station: June 29 - July 13
Price: $850* Cost does not include registration or unit fees
Units: Biol 125 - 3 Units
Biol 126 - 1 Unit
Description: Introductory courses in marine biology with laboratory/field studies of the local marine habitats. CSU, UC transferable and both courses meet breadth, IGETC and lab requirements.

BIOLOGY 131 - Regional Natural History: Baja California, Mexico
Instructor: Professor Greg Meyer
On Campus: July 30
At field station: July 31 to August 14
Price: $850* Cost does not include registration or unit fees
Units: Biology 131 - 3 Units
2 units of lecture and 1 unit of lab
Description: Biol 131 - Individual and group investigation of the biological environment and the impact of human activities upon it. The course format includes discussion sessions as well as field studies. CSU transferable.
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