BIOLOGY 125 - Introduction to Marine Biology (pdf flyer)
BIOLOGY 126 - Field/Laboratory Investigations in Marine Biology
Instructor: Dr. Javier Gago 
On Campus: June 15-28
At field station: June 29 - July 13
Price: $850* Cost does not include registration or unit fees
Units: Biol 125 - 3 Units
Biol 126 - 1 Unit
Description: Introductory courses in marine biology with laboratory/field studies of the local marine habitats. CSU, UC transferable and both courses meet breadth, IGETC and lab requirements.

BIOLOGY 131 - Regional Natural History: Baja California, Mexico
(pdf flyer)
Instructor: Professor Greg Meyer
On Campus: July 30
At field station: July 31 to August 14
Price: $850* Cost does not include registration or unit fees
Units: Biology 131 - 3 Units
2 units of lecture and 1 unit of lab
Description: Biol 131 - Individual and group investigation of the biological environment and the impact of human activities upon it. The course format includes discussion sessions as well as field studies. CSU transferable.
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