Dental Front Office Clerk  

This program prepares students for front office work in a dentist’s office.

This series of courses provides an opportunity for students to learn dental terminology, head and throat anatomy, dental billing and coding, administrative duties, legal requirements on reporting and patient privacy, and dental transcription.

Students gain basic keyboarding and computer application skills as well as oral communication and general customer service skills. They also learn how to create a resume and prepare for a job interview.

The core requirements include nine courses. There are no electives. Students must satisfactorily complete all nine courses to be awarded a certificate of completion.

Core Courses

Enroll in these courses first and attend when not in other courses:

  • OBT 061 Dental Front Office
  • OBT 011 Beginning Keyboarding

Take in the following order:

  • OBT 070 Introduction to Computers
  • OBT 080 Windows
  • OBT 100 Beginning MS Word

Take at any time, in any order:

  • OBT 034 Filing Fundamentals
  • OBT 050 Customer Service Skills
  • OBT 035 On-the-Job Communication

Final course:

  • OBT 040 21st Century Employment Strategies
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