Term How It’s Used In The Document
Advisory on Recommended Preparation A non-binding and non-enforced recommendation regarding classes a student should have taken before taken the current course
Articulation The equivalency granted our courses at other institutions
Attrition Students enrolled at census week who do not complete the course with grade other than W (withdraw)
Classroom-based research Methods instructors use at the end of an activity, presentation, or class to see what students have learned (vs. what has been presented). These include asking students to write the main idea learned, define a key term, identify the muddiest point remaining, etc.
Collaborative learning group work (in or out of class)
Co-requisite Course a student must complete before enrolling in or may take concurrently with current course
CPF index Committees per full-time faculty in the program: Total committees/divided by number of Full-time faculty
Fill rate Percent of full classes at the end of the third week
First census Students enrolled in class at end of 3rd week
FTEF Full-time equivalent faculty: Total number of faculty divided by faculty load for the discipline
FTES Full-time equivalent students (total number of units for which students are registered/divided by 12
Interactive discussions Students are actively involved in debating issues
Majors Students currently listing program as their major on their original/updated application
Prerequisite Course a student must complete before enrolling in the current course
Retention Students enrolled at census week who complete course with a grade other than W
Service Learning Program Students receive credit in the class for related work performed in the community (e.g., tutoring in a junior high math classroom)
SI Program Supplemental Instruction Program - students meet outside of class hours (in person or online with a Student Leader to review materials prepared by the instructor -- usually problem solving assignments)
Success rate Students who finish with A, B, C, or Credit/divided by total enrolled as of first census
Transfer elective units Units which satisfy neither general ed. nor major requirements at transfer institution
WSCH per FTEF Weekly Student Contact Hours - total number of students enrolled in classes at census week/ multiplied by number of hours students are in class each week/ divided by FTEF


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