Instructional Assistance Center - student working with instructor

It is the mission of the IAC to provide support for students with verified disabilities pursuing a successful college experience. We liaison between students and faculty to assure that equal opportunity for a quality education is provided.

The IAC offers four primary areas of service:

  1. Learning Disability Assessment – When a student is making every effort to succeed in their courses, yet does not earn the grades they feel they deserve, they may benefit from being assessed for a learning disability. By completing this process, students are given a greater understanding of their particular methods of processing information. They learn if there are specific learning skills that are causing them difficulty, and they are given strategies for compensating for those difficulties. If it is determined that they meet the eligibility criteria, they may receive services and accommodations from the IAC and CSD.

  2. Test Proctoring – Some students are entitled to receive test accommodations, such as extra time or the use of a word processor. Most faculty do not have the time or resources to determine which accommodations are appropriate or who should receive them. The IAC provides test proctoring as a service to the faculty, as well as the students.

  3. Specialized Tutoring – Students who want assistance with a math or English class on an ongoing basis may sign up for Student Development 143. The IAC has two full-time professionals on staff to provide specialized academic support for students with disabilities.

  4. Learning Specialists – We offer a number of services to facilitate student progress, including the following:
    • Study skills and learning strategies
    • Audio books
    • Academic progress monitoring and coaching
    • Referrals to outside sources
    • Technology to assist with reading and writing
    • Technology to assist with note taking


San Gabriel Building, First Floor, SG 112
Enter through the High Tech Center


 (818) 240-1000  ext. 5530

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