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 Ellen G. Oppenberg, MA                              Carolik Badalians Professor                                                      WAIII Support Staff
WAIII Employment Specialist                        240-1000 ext. 3035
Learning Specialist
240-1000 ext. 5529                        


Policy Statement

WAIII is a program supported by the Department of Rehabilitation.  The purpose of WAIII is to assist individuals who are interested in finding an entrance into the job market by preparing them carefully and thoroughly. To achieve this goal, the program offers critical education in the following areas: Career Exploration, Skills Assessment, Resume Building, Cover Letter Writing, Networking Strategies, Job Searching, Job Applying, Interviewing Techniques, ADA, Self Empowerment .

 Each month a progress report is sent to your Department of Rehabilitation Counselor.  This is important and has a lot of value.

The progress report reflects how you are progressing in the following areas:

Attendance at bi-weekly 1-1 Meetings with WAIII Staff              

Communication with the WAIII staff

Your response time to communiques sent by WAIII staff

Follow through with advice given by WAIII staff  

Follow through with assignments given by WAIII staff

Action taken towards obtaining work experience

(Progress reports that show repeated deficient ratings will result in your attendance being required at a meeting with the DOR counselor and the WAIII Employment Specialist)


Ultimate Goal- Reason you are in the WAIII program

To obtain work experience!

This may start in the form of a volunteer job, unpaid or paid internship. This will be especially true for WAIII clients who have no previous work history. 

For WAIII clients who have had some work experience that is recent, paid experience will be the goal more immediately.


Disclaimer: WAIII Is Not a Job Placement Agency

Today’s job market offers many challenges.  One must be prepared to take those challenges on.  It is not just a matter of wanting employment.  It is essential that one know how to navigate the labor market armed with information and strategies.  WAIII will help you.  When the time is ready for you to do job searching, WAIII will partner with you in these efforts.


Preparing for Bi-Weekly 1-1 Meetings With WAIII Staff

Treating WAIII meetings like going to a class that you really want to do well in is your best bet.  So much great information will be given that you want to be prepared to take all of this information in by taking notes during the meeting or recording what is being said.

 YOU WILL BE REQUIRED TO KEEP A NOTEBOOK OR FOLDER dedicated exclusively to WAIII. Bring this notebook or folder each time you come to the WAIII office.


 WAIII Staff Will Keep In Touch With You Often

This will occur through emailing, calling or sending information to your home address.  It is expected that you will respond within 24 hours of receiving any communique from the WAIII staff. Make it a habit to check your email.

 The IMPORTANCE of Keeping An Action Log= Mandatory

Each month the WAIII program will email you an Action Log.  You are to complete this and email it back by the 25th of each month. The log will ask you to answer questions such as: How many emails did you receive from the WAIII office during the month? How many times did you meet with WAIII staff during the month?  How many job leads did you receive from the WAIII staff during the month?

When You Get A Job Your Connection With WAIII Does Not End

Whether you get work experience through a volunteer position, internship or paid position, WAIII will continue to be in communication with you and your employer to make sure all is going well.  Visitations made by the WAIII staff to your workplace will occur with some frequency during the first few months of your employment.

 Terminology You Should Know

WAIII is a unique program that this college offers.  You will not find it offered by many other community colleges in California.  Although many individuals who are referred to the program are students attending GCC, once in the program you will be referred to as a WAIII client.  This differentiation is important as it helps you to start thinking like a potential employee.

 Always Keep in Mind

The WAIII staff will do all in its power to assist you with employment preparation and effectively resolving barriers that are standing in your way of reaching your goals.  However, we must be equal partners.  We can’t take more action or care more about your future than you do. 

 What Can You Ask the WAIII Employment Specialist?

Professor E. Oppenberg is a highly trained specialist in the area of learning and employment.  She has a rich history of assisting individuals understand the college environment and be successful students, goal achievers and future employees. Due to the fact that she has been at GCC for several years, she is an excellent resource and can answer questions about most anything regarding classes, studying, and all of the student services on campus.  Additionally, she is extremely familiar with outside community agencies and the non-credit Garfield campus.

 Professor Oppenberg’s expertise is working with individuals who have learning issues, and individuals who are underprepared for the rigors of college.  She is a very caring and compassionate individual who is easy to talk to and always makes herself available to a WAIII client, and student. She especially loves helping students find their way and head towards their future.

 WAIII Support Staff

Mrs. Badalians (aka Mrs. B.) is a gifted individual who is a graduate of GCC.  Her knowledge of computer programs makes her the ideal person to go to if you need assistance with online employment applications, navigating any website, assistance with your mygcc account and registration.  Her patience and thoughtful approach to helping all WAIII clients and students is what she is known for.


 WAIII Flyer

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