BP 4030 Affirmative Action & Resolution
BP 4034 Title IX,Education Amendments of 1972 Compliance Policy
BP 4034.1 Title IX Complaint Procedure
BP 4036 Section 803 - Regulations for the Investigation and Resolution of Complaints of Unlawful Discrimination
BP 4040 Recruitment and Selection


AR 4060 Return to Work Program
AR 4065 Employee Separation from District
BP 4070 Public Notice Policy - Initial Proposals
BP 4080 Health Sciences - Services and Procedures - Academic and Classified Personnel
AR 4100 Academic Personnel Permanent/Probationary General Provisions
BP 4111 Academic Personnel - Appointment
AR 4112 Appointment and Conditions of Employment
BP 4112.2 Academic Personnel Appointment and Conditions of Employment - Credentials
BP 4113 Academic Personnel - Academic Rank AR 4113 Academic Rank
BP 4116 Academic Personnel - Tenure Review Process AR 4116 Faculty Evaluation and Tenure Review Process
AR 4119 Absence from Duty (Instructor Responsibility)
BP 4121 Academic Personnel Temporary and Part Time Personnel - Status of Employees
BP 4122 Academic Personnel Temporary and Part Time Personnel - Academic Interns
BP 4131.1 Teacher Exchange Leave AR 4131.1 Teacher Exchange Leave
BP 4134 Meetings
BP 4137 Tutoring and Sale of Materials
BP 4140 Organization/Units - Professional Developmnet
BP 4141 Organizational/Units -  Professional Growth AR 4141 Professional Growth/Flex Guidelines
BP 4160 Compensation and Related Benefits - Equivalence to Minimum Qualification AR 4160 Equivalence to Minimum Qualifications
BP 4200 Classified Service AR 4200 Classified Personnel - Definitions
AR 4200.1 Classified Personnel - General Provisions
BP 4210 Permanent/Probationary Status
BP 4211 Recruitment and Selection AR 4211 Application,Recruitment and Selection of Employment
BP 4213 Classification AR 4213 Classification
AR 4213.2 Applicability of Step Rates
BP 4214 Transfers AR 4214 Transfer
BP 4215 Evaluation/Supervision AR 4215 Philosphy and Purpose of Performance Appraisal
BP 4217.3 Layoff/Rehire AR 4217.3 Layoffs/Rehire
BP 4218 Classified Employee Discipline AR 4218 Discipline Procedures
AR 4218.1 Disciplinary Appeals
AR 4218.2 Dismissal/Suspension/Disciplinary Action
BP 4219 Duties of Classified Personnel
BP 4221 Interim/Substitute/Interminttent Employees AR 4221 Interim/Relief/Substitute/Intermittent
  AR 4315.1 Evaluation Program for Classified Managers
BP 4351 Salary Schedules
BP 4361 Sabbatical Leaves(Academic Management Personnel)
BP 7100 Commitment to Diversity
BP 7110 Delegation of Authority
BP 7120 Faculty Hiring  AR 7120 Tenure Track Faculty Hiring Procedures  
  AR 7121 Hiring Procedures for Adjunct Faculty  
BP 7130 Compensation
BP 7140 Collective Bargaining
BP 7150 Evaluation Program for Administrative and Management Personnel 
AR 7151 Evaluation for Academic Administrative Personnel
BP 7160 Activities - Professional Development  
  AR 7162 Released Time/Extra Pay (RT/EP) for Faculty

BP 7216 Employee Complaints

AR 7216 Complaint Review Procedure

BP 7250 Appointments of Administrative and Management Personnel
AR 7250 Hiring of Administrative and Management Personnel 
BP 7251 Administrative Retreat Rights Policy  AR 7251 Administrative Retreat Rights
BP 7255 Division Chairs - Structure

AR 7255 Division Chairs, Duties and Election Procedures, Instructional Division

  AR 7256 Duties of College Services Chair

BP 7261 Health & Welfare Benefits for Management & Confidential Employees

AR 7261 Health & Welfare Benefits for Unrepresented Employees

BP 7270 Student Workers AR 7270 Student Workers
AR 7280 Off-Duty Work
AR 7285 Vacation Time for Permanent, Unrepresented Employees
BP 7310 Nepotism
BP 7331 Employee Drug Free Workplace Policy 

AR 7331 Employee Drug Free Workplace 

BP 7335 Health Examinations
BP 7337 Background Investigation Fingerprinting  AR 7337 Background Investigation Fingerprinting
BP 7340 Leaves of Absence
BP 7345 Catastrophic Leave Program
BP 7350 Resignations
BP 7368 Complaints Concerning College Personnel  

BP 7375 Early Retirement Policy for Administrators


AR 7375 Early Retirement Medical Benefits for Academic Administrators, Classified Managers and Confidential Employees

AR 7384 Employee Assistance Program


BP 7400 Travel AR 7400 Travel Expense Policy - revised 3-12-13

AR 7401 Reimbursement of Mileage and Parking Claims
BP 7700 Whistleblower Protection

AR 7700 Whistleblower Protection 




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