Career Center

Many students are not sure about their educational goals (major) or career objectives. All counselors at the college will help you choose a major, or career objective. You may also want to use the services of the Career Center to help you. Adult Re-Entry counseling gives single parents and returning adults extra help in completing their goals. The counselors give added support to students choosing non-traditional careers.


Location: SR 2nd floor
Center for Students with Disabilities

The Center for Students with Disabilities offers individualized and specialized counseling to students with verified disabilities. This counseling program is designed to assist students develop educational plans and determine appropriate services and accommodations. In addition, referrals are made to other college and community based programs that will support students in completing their educational goals.

Location: SR 2nd floor


Extended Opportunity Program and Services helps low-income students with specialized counseling services related to enrollment procedures, financial aid, tutorial services and university transition. The EOP&S' staff is ready to help students whose first language is not English.


Location: EOPS Annex
Health Center

The Health Center provides supportive, short-term one-to-one mental health counseling. Students interested in getting help with personal challenges such as academic stress, depression, anxiety, loss/grief, family or relationship issues are provided with responsive, convenient counseling. Acute crisis situations managed with staff team. All services are confidential with specific legal exceptions.
Location: SR 131 (outside SR Building behind coffee cart)

Transfer Center

Many students at the college hope to transfer to a four-year college or university. All counselors will help you in continuing your education at a four-year college. It is very important for you to see a counselor each semester to review the transfer requirements. Also, the college's Transfer Center can introduce you to representatives from statewide four-year institutions and can help you with other important information.

Location: SR 2nd floor

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