Academic Dishonesty

In my classes a student found cheating will receive a failing grade in the class. The student will not be allowed to drop and receive W for the course. Cheating is defined to include but not be limited to copying the other students’ work, asking other students for assistance during and exam or using any unauthorized material during the test, looking at another student’s paper during an exam, allowing your work to be seen by another student during an exam, submitting work that is not your own, etc. Student will also be referred to the Vice President of Instruction for appropriate disciplinary action including probation, suspension or dismissal from the college.

Cell Phone Policy

A student who engages in any cell phone activity within our classroom space will be excused from the entire day’s proceedings, especially if there is an exam. Cell phone activity includes talking, ringing, texting, reading, checking, use as a resource or reference, etc. Keep your ringer off, and keep your phone out of sight; it is one less distraction.


These are due, as stated in your syllabus. All written assignments must be typed and are graded as to form and content. NO late assignments or projects will be accepted! If class is cancelled for any reason, assignments are still due on the dates stated. With noted exceptions in your syllabus ALL assignments must be turned in through WebCT. Noted exceptions may be turned in to my mail box located in the lobby of the Child Development Center. They must be time stamped and signed by the front desk personnel or they will not be accepted. My lectures are in addition to your textbook. You are expected to keep up with the chapters that correspond to the lecture topics as noted in your syllabus. Examinations are based on a combination of lecture, video, and textbook material..


It is expected that you read the next session’s topic ahead of time; this will not only benefit you but also the class as a whole. Be prepared for a minimum of 2-4 hours of homework each class meeting


Regular and punctual attendance is expected of all students. A complete record of attendance will be kept. Students will be counted absent from class sessions missed, beginning from the first official date of the course. A twenty percent absence from each enrolled lecture or laboratory course will be taken as evidence that a student does not intend to complete the course. Students may be dropped by the instructor if missing 20% of the class. Any student who leaves early will be counted as absent.


It is your responsibility to withdraw from any course you are no longer attending. Official withdrawal forms must be submitted to Admissions and Records by: September 15 with no notation made on permanent record or November 21 with a “W” grade on permanent record.
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