Here you will find links to documents and websites that will help you with your career or job search.

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List of CNA Programs                                            O’Net                                                   

CNA Employment Information                                 For questions about salary.....

GED Spanish Classes                                           EDD Labor Market Info             

Schools, Colleges and Universities                          What can I do with a major in ...? 

Interview Questions                                                Occupational Outlook Handbook

Steps to Follow Before a Job Fair                            Transferring to Credit Classes

Vocational Schools                                                Typing Test Places


EUREKA homepage  Career Assessments
    You have more skills than you think! We can help you identify the skills that you rely on everyday and how they translate to the workplace. EUREKA offers tools that guide you in the right direction and help you to find your best career options.


 PreVisor’s (Qwiz) pre-packaged job assessments are groupings of competency assessments and skills testing designed to predict on-the-job performance for specific jobs and job categories. They combine the best of the best predictive employment screening assessment content, including hard skills and soft skills such as customer service questions. Our pre-packaged solutions enable you to deploy the most relevant assessments for a particular job category quickly. Job-specific solutions are available for a variety of jobs and job families, from entry to executive level including:

  • Admin/Clerical Roles
  • Contact Center Roles
  • Customer-Facing Roles
  • Finance and Banking Roles
  • Healthcare Roles
  • Information Technology Roles
  • Management & Senior Leadership Roles
  • Manufacturing Roles
  • Sales Roles

Eureka is free but Previsor (Qwiz) Testing is $5.00 for each test. For further information please contact us at (818) 240 - 1000 ext. 5055 or come in our office.

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