Recognition Luncheon

Sponsored by: Academic Senate · Alumni · Associated Students · Classified Council · CSEA · Foundation · Guild

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

11:45 A.M. – 1:30 P.M.

J. Walter Student Center  

Now is the time of year to celebrate those who have dedicated their service to Glendale Community College at our annual Recognition Luncheon!

You're invited! Please join us in giving recognition to tenured and tenure-track faculty, adjunct faculty, academic administrators, classified staff, classified managers and retirees.

Return your invitation to the Foundation Office, AD 149; the reservation deadline is Monday, May 5, 2014.

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10 Years  
 Trudi Abram
 Visual and Performing Arts Division
 Rony Aharonians  Campus Police
 Carlos Avalos  Facilities 
 Sylva Avedissian  Facilities 
 Anita Ann Bloom   Visual and Performing Arts Division
 John Carroll  Physical Science Division
 Victor Castellanos  Technology and Aviation Division
 Susie Chin  Library and Learning Resources
 Steven Z. Cobb  Technology and Aviation Division
 Maibel Muyot Cortes   Information and Technology Services  
 Alina Daych  Mathematics Division
 Nabeel Elbettar  Information and Technology Services
 Karima Esmail  Nursing
 Edwin Fallahi  Non-Credit ESL Division
 Ronald Fernstrom  Technology and Aviation Division
 Patrice Gallagher  Business Division
 Robert Gallardo  Credit ESL Division
 Glenn Scott Gardner  Credit ESL Division
 Megan Geckler  Visual and Performing Arts Division
 Alexandre Hamond  Information and Technology Services
 Cameron Hastings  Political Science
 Michelle Jocson  Health Sciences Division
 Nancy Jordan  Office of VP Admin Services
 Elizabeth Kazanchyan  Non-Credit ESL Division
 Charles Ketcham  Visual and Performing Arts Division
 Arthur Khachatourians  Business Division
 Reynan Ledesma  Business Division
 Louis Levenson  Physical Science Division
 Sofia Manaserian  Non-Credit ESL Division
 Patrick McCloskey  Business Division
 Richard McColl  Visual and Performing Arts Division
 James Miller  Technology and Aviation Division
 Hamid Mogadam  Business Division
 Robert Moya  Credit ESL Division
 Jason Plourde  Health and Physical Education
 Malcolm Potter  Social Sciences Division
 Ignacio Ramos Jr  Social Sciences Division
 Orlando Rivera  Health Sciences Division
 Deborah Robiglio  Non-Credit ESL Division
 Gustavo Rocha  Facilities
 Sandra Romero  Mathematics Division
 Patrick Rosalez  Visual and Performing Arts Division
 Erin Allyson Sackett  Health Sciences Division
 Nick Sahakyan  Language Arts Division
 Charlotte Schulten  Mathematics Division
 Mahara Sinclaire  Visual and Performing Arts Division
 Anna Stafford  Visual and Performing Arts Division
 Josh R. Ward  Technology and Aviation Division
 David Winkler  Technology and Aviation Division
 R. Alan Wright  Business Division
 Ronald Wright  Life Skills - Non-Credit Business
 Odett Zeynalyan  Technology and Aviation Division

15 Years

 Noushin Ahmadpour  Controller
 Shelley Aronoff  Social Sciences Division
 Barbara Artukovich  Nursing
 Anthony Bagan  Technology and Aviation Division
 Duncan Baird  Technology and Aviation Division
 Benjamin Bardens  Visual and Performing Arts Division
 Kenneth L. Bateman  Technology and Aviation Division
 Edward Bernard  Non-Credit ESL Division
 Osmond Steven Bie  Philosophy
 Ricky D. Burroughs  Technology and Aviation Division
 Kathryn (Casey) Camp  DSPS
 Frances Campbell  Continuing and Community Education
 Troy P Cardenas  English Division
 Linda Carrasco  Student Financial Aid
 Sevada Chamras  Chemistry
 Ruben Cuevas  Admissions and Records
 Sandra S Dale  Student Financial Aid
 Michael Daoust  Technology and Aviation Division
 Ann M. Dittmer  Business Division
 Patrick Egan  English Division
 Megan Ernst  Non-Credit ESL Division
 Gregory Fish  Technology and Aviation Division
 Wendy Fonarow  Anthropology
 Kim Foong Chong  Mathematics Division
 Matt Foyer  Visual and Performing Arts Division
 George Gharibian  Information and Technology Services
 Heather Glenn  Office of VP College Services
 Katherine J Grammer  Non-Credit ESL Division
 Peter Green  Music
 Nancy W Greene  Visual and Performing Arts Division
 Cynthia Haiduk-Pollack  Life Skills - Non-Credit Business
 Scott Harvey  Technology and Aviation Division
 Laurence Hitterdale  Computer Science - Information
 Kathleen Holland  Social Sciences Division
 Jacqueline Huggins  Child Development Center
 Marcia Irvin  Facilities
 Martin Johnson  Technology and Aviation Division
 Sue C Jones  Mathematics Division
 Barbara E. Jordan  Foundation
 William C. Juzwiak   English Division
 Annette Kargodorian  Non-Credit ESL Division
 Naira Khudaverdyan  Biology Division
 Ali Kobaissi  Continuing and Community Education
 Erin Diane Kurasz  Campus Police
 Alex M. Leon  Athletics
 Theresa Lorch  Health and Physical Education
 Michael Maas  Technology and Aviation Division
 Margaret Mansour  Continuing and Community Education
 Anahid Mardres  EOPS
 Diana Markari  DSPS
 David D Martin  Architecture
 Laura Matsumoto  DSPS
 Alice B Mecom  Non-Credit ESL Division
 Shirley Mora  Child Development Center
 Sang Soo Nam  Student Services
 Mikhail Nouh  Library and Learning Resources
 Abisola Odujinrin  Business Division
 Sora Oh  Mathematics Division
 Martha C. Perez  Continuing and Community Education
 Curtis G Potter  Technology and Aviation Division
 Hazel A Ramos  History
 Robert Ramsey  Technology and Aviation Division
 Robert W. Rebbe  Technology and Aviation Division
 Christine Rodriguez  Social Sciences Division
 Steven Ruedaflores  Health and Physical Education
 Josephine Ruiz-Price  Technology and Aviation Division
 Mickey Schaffer  Technology and Aviation Division
 Arturo Segura  Information and Technology Services
 Sandi Sheffey Stinson  Business Administration
 Taneka Shehee  Social Sciences Division
 Tatiana Sokolovskaia  Continuing and Community Education
 Kathryn Son  Non-Credit ESL Division
 Rhett Stephens  English Division
 Patricia Jean Sternau  Life Skills - Non-Credit Business
 Joanne C Stevens  Credit ESL Division
 Robert J Taylor  Technology and Aviation Division
 Monette L Tiernan  English Division
 Olga Tovar  Student Services
 Anthony Valdez  Technology and Aviation Division
 Nune G Yeganyan  Non-Credit ESL Division
 Andrew Young  Mathematics Division
 Anne Yu  Physical Science Division
 Zhiming Zhou  Mathematics Division
 Walt Zozula  Business Division

 20 Years

 Irene Aghanian  Student Financial Aid
 Tina Andersen-Wahlberg  DSPS
 Armenuhi Andzhu  Student Services
 Richard Bartholomew  Information and Technology Services
 Michael Cornish  Biology Division
 Robert Gellert  Chemistry
 Josephine Gregorian  Non-Credit Business
 Kristine Hanna  Visual and Performing Arts Division
 Edward Karpp  Institutional Research
 Arlene H. Kushida  Non-Credit ESL Division
 Jill Lewis  Office of VP Instructional Services
 Michelle R Mora  Admissions and Records
 Hai T. Ong  Mathematics Division
 Henry Phan  Mathematics Division
 Margaret Richer  Non-Credit ESL Division
 Wesley Barrett Ross  Business Division
 Judith Zamos  Health Sciences Division

25 Years

 Rosette M. Aghekian  Student Services
 Merrilee L Ahaus  Office of VP Admin Services
 Aida Avedissian  Facilities
 Dzovinar N. Ayvazian  Library and Learning Resources
 Ramona Barrio-Sotillo  Student Services
 Andrea Mara Beckett  Credit ESL Division
 Roger Bowerman  History
 Nune Coe  Information and Technology Services
 Frances Faye Cohill  Continuing and Community Education
 Jo Ann N Cook  Student Financial Aid
 Eric D Danielson  Business Division
 Mark J. Darcourt  Office of VP Admin Services
 Jason C Dorff  Information and Technology Services
 Donald R Hicks  Biology Division
 Katherine Holland Dichter  Health and Physical Education
 Mark H Hulderman  Professional Development Center
 Jeffry M Jensen  Library and Learning Resources
 Caroline Kaba  Economics
 Tieng Le  Mathematics Division
 Mariam Lepedjian  Information and Technology Services
 Maral Matossian  Continuing and Community Education
 James Brett Miketta  Computer Science - Information
 Jolie Morris  Student Services
 Paris Noori  Student Services
 James Poyner  Language Arts Division
 Marguerite Renner  History
 Valerie Rhaney  DSPS
 Mariah Ribeiro  Student Services
 Guillermo A. Rios  Information and Technology Services
 Larisa Sarkisian  Non-Credit Business
 William M. Shamhart  Mathematics Division
 Shihoko Tatsugawa  Language Arts Division
 Charlene Worthley  Non-Credit ESL Division
 Deanna Yeterian  Continuing and Community Education

30 Years

 Christine H Kloezeman  Accounting
 Sharon D Lencki  Technology and Aviation Division
 Ted Levatter  Speech Communications
 Murray Levy  Business Division
 Kim A Mac Donald  Non-Credit ESL Division
 Peter A Stathis  Mathematics Division

35 Years

 Gordon D Alexandre  History
 Muriel Balian  Visual and Performing Arts Division
 Brian A Beauchemin  Health and Physical Education
 Dennis M Doyle  English Division
 Jean Lecuyer  Physical Science Division
 Frank Lynn Mc Murrey  Visual and Performing Arts Division
 Lynn Y Mizuno-Masunaga  Biology Division
 Janet L Olenik  Life Skills - Non-Credit Business

40 Years

 Raymond F Glienna  Physical Science Division
 Laurel Rudd  Non-Credit ESL Division
 Patricia Zayas  Non-Credit ESL Division

 50 Years

 Thomas J Rike  Biology Division

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