Calendar Review
Student Health 101
February Issue

As a service to the GCC community, the Health Center is providing an online subscription to Student Health 101 for our students. Student Health 101 is a monthly health and wellness magazine just for students. Please take a few minutes to read February's issue, as we believe that it can be a valuable resource for you.  or  

The February issue has some great articles including:
- Solo & Satisfied: Being single in a relationship world.
- Capturing Your Creativity: How to engage your brain outside the classroom.
- Get More From Your Core: Why it's important and how to work it.
- Stop, Collaborate, and Listen: 5 tips for successful group projects.
- UCookbook: Healthy Chocolate Recipes
- FitnessU: Developing Flexibility
- And much more…

Thanks for taking the time to read GCC's Student Health 101!