5 Units

Chemistry 102 is a continuation of the study of the basic concepts of general chemistry introduced in Chemistry 101, with an emphasis on the theory and technique of qualitative analysis. Working in teams, the honors course will be enhanced in one or more of the following ways: 

  1. Prepare a research project utilizing methods such as modern library search techniques, scientist interviews, and environmental monitoring on a current topic such as:
    • the ozone
    • drug resistant TB
    • human genome project.
    Research project findings will be presented in a seminar style format at the end of the semester.
  2. Complete the following:
    a.) Prepare four different compounds in succession from a metal and write a report based on this experiment;

    b.) Perform two quantitative analysis experiments analyzing the specific chemical content of common substances. 
  3. Students will be expected to gain an increased conceptual understanding of the subject either through the use of an “honors” textbook or supplements.
    Lecture 3 hours, discussion 2 hours, laboratory 4 hours.

    Prerequisite: Chemistry 101.Transfer credit: CSU, UC, USC(CAN CHEM 4) (CHEM
    101 & 102 CAN CHEM SEQ A)

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