GCC offers several levels of keyboard instruction:

Piano I (Music 160)
Piano 1 presents an elementary level knowledge of the piano keyboard and music reading. It is designed for students with no previous piano background.

Piano II (Music 161) Piano 2 is for the advancement of the beginning pianist in skills, interpretation & coloring.

Piano III (Music 162) Piano 3 concentrates on the development of technique, style, tone-color, dynamics & phrasing.

Piano Workshop (Music 163) Piano Workshop is for advanced students who can benefit from individual study & supervised practice time.

Keyboard Harmony I (Music 103) Keyboard Harmony presents an elementary level knowledge of music harmony at the keyboard. It is designed for students who have a basic knowledge of music. Students should be able to read musical notation and understand concepts of melody, harmony, and rhythm. Music 103 prepares students for advanced piano and musicianship classes.

Keyboard Harmony II (Music 113) The second-level keyboard harmony class. More advanced harmonization, transposition, and sight-reading.

Applied Lessons (Music 140) One-on-one individual piano study is offered at GCC. We have great instructors! You must pass an audition with Dr. Peter Green to be eligible for Applied Music.

For more information about class offerings, please contact
Dr. Peter Green at
(818)240-1000, extension 5622, or email  mailme


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