NarbehMy name is Narbeh and I want to share my story with you. I left my hometown of Iran and arrived in the United States on November 08, 2006. Within weeks I was enrolled in non-credit ESL classes at Glendale Community College.

Two days ago, I took the placement test for credit classes and proved qualified to take ESL level 4 credit classes—which means the non-credit classes really helped me! They strengthened my foundation in the English language and allowed me to gain confidence in my abilities.

Thanks to the GCC non-credit program I am on the road to reaching my goal: a college education in the states.

However, I did not just take ESL classes. The campus atmosphere and encouraging environment inspired me to take additional classes—classes I never otherwise would have considered taking. I took math, accounting, and just one peek at the technology on the Garfield campus made me want to take computer classes there as well. I acquired skills in MS Power Point, Access, Word, Excel, and Keyboarding.

When not in class I was in the computer lab studying—they made it so easy for me to learn. I also took two wonderful new classes: one in office technology and another special class on how to strengthen my professional skills. I learned about how to be a successful professional, how to conduct myself in a business environment … I learned that there was so much more than reading, writing, and arithmetic: to be successful you need people and organizational skills.

Every class strengthened my English and strengthened my foundation for a college degree. I couldn’t believe all this great instruction—at no cost! The faculty and staff are the kindest and most knowledgeable people I’ve ever met. I think what makes them extraordinary is the simple fact that they care. They cared as to whether or not I understood the lesson; they stayed after class and answered all my questions, shared their experiences and inspired me to attempt greater challenges. You see, although these classes are free—they are priceless.

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