PaulaHow did you get involved?
I was extremely depressed and brain dead from watching too much daytime T.V. I went to the Garfield Campus to ask some questions. A month later I returned; I was adamant I was not going to be sucked into the abyss that is “unemployed depression.”

I made an appointment with Elodia Collins and began my journey to increase my knowledge and increase my worth to an employer. I now have greater confidence and have made some new friends, friends so very diverse and interesting, from ages 25 to 81, from the Philippines to France.

Overall impressions?
I have found the teachers to be unique and talented. They have all brought stimulating courses and conversations to the lessons. I have participated in business classes and computer classes. Recently I started the 21st Century Employment Strategies class.

What's next?
The first resume I sent out received not only nice compliments but also generated an interview. Hopefully soon I will reenter the workforce. I will always recommend GCC. As time permits, I will continue to attend classes both at the Garfield Campus and start credit classes on the main campus. 

Last updated: 11/12/2009 3:54:35 PM