Marty Mullin is one of the premiere Media Arts instructors at Glendale Community College. He teaches MA 101, “Intro to TV Studio Production” as well as MA 213, “Cinematography".


As with artists in any medium, a cameraman’s ability to transfer the essence of something to the screen is largely the result of the sum of his experiences.  Within his craft, Marty has shot everything from tabletop on an insert stage to underwater with 9-foot tiger shark, providing clients with an amazing storehouse of production experience from which to draw, whether it's putting a fresh spin on the familiar or achieving the unconventional.  But Marty feels it’s his life experiences that serve him best. 

A degree in English Lit, three years of hitchhiking all over the world, and working himself up from P.A. to D.P has given Marty a rare understanding of people.  And he uses that insight to help him communicate to all parties involved in a production.  As a result, clients love him because he shows a respect for their product, producers love him because he understands "cost effective," and directors love him because he works to achieve their vision.

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