The following is information that may help you before an interview.

Five Important Interview Tips

Interview Questions


Seven Interview Phases

Employers use the interview to evaluate you.
They look at your appearance.
They try to determine your dependability and if you have the appropriate skills to perform the duties It is important to think like the employer in the interview.

Phase One – Before the Interview
Phone interaction
Interest cards
Dress for success, like the boss, but cleaner
Arrive early, know the area, make a dry run to the location
Others will be observing you - receptionist and other office staff
Research organization in order to ask good questions

Phase Two – Opening Moves
Establish rapport, be humble
They take the lead, you follow
Chit-chat is important, be yourself, relax
Look around office to make conversation

Phase Three – The Interview Itself
Open-ended questions
Strengths and weaknesses
Listen to questions
Ask the employer questions
Skills/Education & Training/Passion for work
Use short stories – practical experience – numbers & results

Phase Four – Closing the Interview
I am interested in this position and here’s why…
May I contact you?
When will you make a decision?
Thank you

Phase Five – Following Up
Send a Thank-you note

Phase Six – Negotiating Salary
Salary can be used as a screening tool
Discuss salary once an offer has been made
Benefits/Total compensation – Health, vacation can be 25% of salary

Phase Seven – Make a Decision
Make a list of Pros (positives) and Negatives
Do your values match the organization’s philosophy?
Personal attributes are as important as skills and experience.

From Jist Works, 2005, Getting the Job You Really Want Video Series
The series is available for viewing in the Career Resource Center

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