Production Series: Rehearsal and Performance

Theatre Arts 160, 161, 162, 163, and 164

1 - 3 units

Our Production Series of classes are workshops in acting styles designed to support Glendale College Department of Theatre Arts productions. Students enrolled in this course will be formed into a company to present plays from the selected repertoires as a part of the department's season. An audition/interview is required for each of the productions (visit for scheduled auditions) and are customarily the first week of each semester. Auditions for the musical is customarily at the later part of the Fall Semester. Each student will be assigned projects in accordance with his or her interests and talents regarding the selected materials. Some of the offerings within the Glendale College Department of Theatre Arts Production Season may include the following classes and genres:

Theatre Arts 160 - Rehearsal and Performance in Musical Theatre Production

Theatre Arts 161 - Rehearsal and Performance in Classical Theatre Production

Theatre Arts 162 - Rehearsal and Performance in Modern Theatre Production

Theatre Arts 163 - Rehearsal and Performance in Contemporary Theatre Production

Theatre Arts 164 - Rehearsal and Performance in New Works and Experimental Theatre Production
Prerequisite:  Audition or interview is required.

Note:  Students are expected to be available for rehearsals and appear in every performance for 10 - 15 hours per week.  Laboratory Units are earned based on the number of hours and type of project completed. 

Student Learning Outcomes: 
    Create a character in a specific genre of theatrical production (Musical, Classical, Modern, Contemporary or Experimental Theatre), from script to performance. 
    Demonstrate the skills required in a theatre production from the audition through rehearsal process, culminating in performances of a theatrical production before a paying audience.

T ART 160 Course Outline

T ART 161 Course Outline

T ART 162 Course Outline

T ART 163 Course Outline

T ART 164 Course Outline


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