Alterations to Sierra Madre Building - Second Floor 




Alterations to Sierra Madre Building - Second Floor


2:00 P.M.
Tuesday, June 07, 2016


2:00PM May 19, 2016


Glendale Community College
Bhupesh Parikh Health Sciences &
Technology Building (Conference Room)
1500 North Verdugo Road
Glendale, CA  91208-2894


ARC Document Solutions
681 S Raymond Ave
Pasadena CA 91105
Tel: 626-583-1122



NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the GLENDALE COMMUNITY COLLEGE DISTRICT (District), acting by and through its Board of Trustees, will receive up to, but not later than the above-stated date and time, sealed Bid Proposals for the Contract for the Work generally described as Alterations to Sierra Madre building - Second Floor.


  1. Submittal of Bid Proposals.  All Bid Proposals must be submitted on forms furnished by the District prior to the last time for submission of Bid Proposals and the Districts public opening and reading of Bid Proposals.


  1. Bid and Contract DocumentsThe Bid and Contract Documents are available at the location stated above.


  1. Documents Accompanying Bid Proposal.  Each Bid Proposal shall be accompanied by: (i) the required Bid Security; (ii) Subcontractors List; (iii) Statement of Qualifications; and (iv) Non-Collusion Affidavit.

  1. Prevailing Wage Rates. The Contractor and all Subcontractors shall pay not less than the applicable prevailing wage rate for the classification of labor provided by their respective workers to execute the Work. Copies of the prevailing wage rates in the locality where the Work is to be performed, entitled PREVAILING WAGE SCALE are available to any interested party at http://  In addition to compliance with prevailing wage requirements, the successful Bidder shall comply with all other applicable provisions of the Labor Code, the California Code of Regulations and rulings or determinations of the California Department of Industrial Relations. 


  1. Contractors’ License Classification.  Bidders must possess the following classification(s) of California Contractors License at the time that the Bid Proposal is submitted and at time the Contract for the Work is awarded: B - General Building.  The Bid Proposal of a Bidder who does not possess a valid and in good standing Contractors’ License in the classification(s) set forth above will be rejected for non-responsiveness.  Any Bidder not duly and properly licensed is subject to all penalties imposed by law.  No payment shall be made for the Work unless and until the Registrar of Contractors verifies to the District that the Bidder awarded the Contract is properly and duly licensed for the Work.
  2. Contract Time.  Substantial Completion of the Work shall be achieved within the time set forth in Contract Documents after the date for commencement of the Work established in the Notice to Proceed issued by the District.  Failure to achieve Substantial Completion within the Contract Time will result in the assessment of Liquidated Damages as set forth in the Contract.


  1. Bid Security.  Each Bid Proposal shall be accompanied by Bid Security in an amount equal to TEN PERCENT (10%) of the maximum amount of the Bid Proposal, inclusive of any additive Alternate Bid Item(s).  Failure of any Bid Proposal to be accompanied by Bid Security in the form and in the amount required shall render such Bid Proposal to be non-responsive and rejected by the District.


  1. Bidder’s Payment Bond and Performance Bond.  Prior to commencement of the Work, the Bidder awarded the Contract shall deliver to the District a Payment Bond and a Performance Bond issued by a California Admitted Surety in the form and content included in the Contract Documents each of which shall be in a penal sum equal to One Hundred Percent (100%) of the Contract Price. 


  1. Subcontractor Performance Bonds.  Each Subcontractor whose sub-proposal to the Bidder is in the amount of Two Million Dollars ($2,000,000) or more (“Bonded Subcontractor”) must obtain Performance Bonds (“Subcontractor Bond”).  Each Bidder’s solicitation of sub-bids for any portion of the Work which is reasonably anticipated to be valued at Two Million Dollars ($2,000,000) or more must comply with Public Contract Code §4108(c)(1) and (2) by specifying the requirement for such Subcontractors to obtain a Subcontractor Bond conforming to the requirements set forth in the Contract Documents.  Any Bonded Subcontractor who fails to obtain the Subcontractor Bond will be deemed to be a non-responsible Subcontractor by the District pursuant to Public Contract Code §4107(a)(9) and shall be replaced by the successful Bidder pursuant to Public Contract Code §4107 without adjustment of the Contract Price or the Contract Time.


10.  No Withdrawal of Bid Proposals.  Bid Proposals shall not be withdrawn by any Bidder for a period of ninety (90) days after the opening of Bid Proposals.  During this time, all Bidders shall guarantee prices quoted in their respective Bid Proposals.


11.  Job-Walk.  The District will conduct Mandatory Job Walk on Thursday, May 19, 2016, beginning at 2:00 PM.  Bidders are to meet at the Glendale College, Facilities Office for conduct of the Job Walk.  If the Job Walk is mandatory, the Bid Proposal submitted by a Bidder whose representative(s) did not attend the entirety of the Mandatory Job Walk will be rejected by the District as being non-responsive.


12.  Pre-Bid Inquiries.  Bidders may submit pre-bid inquiries or clarification requests.  Bidders are solely and exclusively responsible for submitting such inquiries or clarification requests not less than FIVE (5) working days prior to the scheduled closing date for the receipt of Bid Proposals.  Pre-bid inquiries or clarification requests shall be submitted to: Susan Courtey via email:


13.  Waiver of Irregularities.  The District reserves the right to reject any or all Bid Proposals or to waive any irregularities or informalities in any Bid Proposal or in the bidding.


14.  Award of Contract. The Contract for the Work, if awarded, will be by action of the District’s Board of Trustees to the responsible Bidder submitting the lowest priced responsive Bid Proposal.  If the Bid Proposal requires Bidders to propose prices for Alternate Bid Items, the District’s selection of Alternate Bid Items, if any, for determination of the lowest priced Bid Proposal and for inclusion in the scope of the Contract to be awarded shall be in accordance with the Instructions for Bidders. 


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