Gardener's Alphabet by Mary Azarian

A wonderful book to include in your library when planting a garden.

Ten Seeds by Ruth Brown

Another book to include when planting and learning about gardening.

A Mealworm's Life by John Himmelman

If you find a meal worm in the garden, don't miss this informative book with pictures that depict real animals and insects.

Potty By Mylo Freeman

Having difficulty with potty training? This is a fun book to help your toddler learn to go in the proper place.

Webster J Duck by Martin Waddell

A book about looking for your mommy, and how others can help.

Ten, Nine, Eight By Molly Bang

A Caldecott honor book about counting with tenderness and love imbedded in it.

Con Mi Hermano With My Brother by/por Eileen Roe


A great book about bothers that has both Spanish and English.

The Cats of Tiffany Street By Sarah Hayes

A cute book whose theme inspires one to look at both sides of a problem to find out the truth.

Rap A Tap Tap by Leo and Diane Dillon

A book about Bojangles and famous tap dancer with simple text  that  preschoolers will appreciate

Giving Thanks by Chief Swamp

This beautiful book is about giving thanks for all the Earth has to offer us and more.  It also hints at the spirit of Native Americans reverence for our beautiful blue planet.

Eating Fractions By Bruce McMillan

What a great way to introduce older preschoolers to the ideas of fractions.

Firefighters A to Z by Chris Dema

Preschoolers think about fire and fire fighters as powerful influences in their lives. This book will bring the realities of fire fighting to life and incoporate the alphabet into real experiences.

Tough Boris by Kathryn Brown

This is a great book about how the very toughest of  people have feelings. Don't miss this classic book.

The Dream House by Pirkko Vainio

A book about looking on the bright side of life. Dont't miss out on this classic preschool book.

George and the Dragon by Chris Wormell

This book is about over comming what seems like overwhelming odds. The illustrations are amazing.



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