2 units

Theatre Arts 109 Provides instruction in the use and application of all types of stage makeup, the functions of makeup in the theatre, analysis of facial features and corrective techniques, research and color theory, and basic three-dimensional technique.

Lecture/Demonstration Units:  1.0
Laboratory Units:  1.0 

Prerequisite: None

Note:  Additional hours may be required to work on GCC productions.  The AA-T Theatre Arts Degree requires both Theatre Arts 109 and Theatre Arts 110 to add up to the 3.0 units of C-ID Number:  THTR 175 (C-ID Title:  Stage Makeup). 

Student Learning Outcomes:
    Analyze an actor's features and select appropriate colors and corrective techniques.
    Identify, design and apply stage makeup in six common styles.
    Describe the steps used in makeup for a variety of characters.
    Demonstrate the preparation of the skin and the removal of makeup products.

Transfer credit: CSU, UC, USC

T ART 109 Course Outline

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