1 Unit

Theatre Arts 110 is a continuation of Theatre Arts 109 with emphasis on special effects using prosthetics, facial hair and wigs.  The course builds upon the basic stage makeup taught in Stage Makeup I with a focus on special effects that significantly change the actor for the purpose of performance.  This is an introduction to potential career paths for students interested in makeup design.

Laboratory Units:  1.0

Prerequisite: Theatre Arts 109.

Note:  Additional hours may be required to work on GCC productions.  The AA-T Theatre Arts Degree requires both Theatre Arts 109 and Theatre Arts 110 to add up to the 3.0 units of C-ID Number:  THTR 175 (C-ID Title:  Stage Makeup). 

Student Learning Outcomes:
    Analyze the actor's features to create an appropriate character special effect.
    Identify, design and apply special effects makeup in three specific styles.

Transfer credit: CSU, UC, USC

T ART 110 Course Outline


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