Theatre Arts 123 is a course in the designing and construction of group costumes for stage, ensembles, etc. This course includes the planning for and the buying of suitable materials, design and color schemes, the design and construction of costumes and accessories, arrangement and maintenance of the costume wardrobe. Students in this course design and make costumes for school dramatic programs.

Lecture: 2 hours

Laboratory: 3 hours.

Student Learning Outcomes:
    Analyze the effect of historical and cultural factors on costume designs of various periods.
    Apply knowledge of costume history and production planning by designing costumes for a play.

Note: This course may be taken 4 times; a maximum of 8 units may be earned. A proportionate amount of work is required according to the number of units elected by the studetns (2 to be arranged hours per unit.)

Transfer credit: CSU, UC, USC

T ART 123 Course Outline

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