Theatre Arts 133 is designed for students who have a basic knowledge of visual or performing arts. Students learn how to use artificial light sources to create an appropriate environment for a variety of entertainment media, including animation, and theatre and dance productions. Applying basic tecniques of lighting composition, students use highlights, shadows, textures, and colors to achieve the desired effects. Lighting designs are created using virtual lighting simulations on a computer. These programs are used in the analysis and performance of design exercises.

Lecture: 2 hours

Laboratory: 1 hour.

Prerequisite: None.

Student Learning Outcomes:
    Evaluate the effect of different colors of light on different colors of pigment.
    Create cueing sequences for a live performance.

Note: Theatre Arts 133 is designed for students who have completed at least one course in visual arts, dance, media arts, music, or theatre arts.

Transfer credit: CSU, UC, USC

T ART 133 Course Outline

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