• The collge offers three alternative transportation incentives.
    1. Faculty or staff who walk or bicycle to work are eligible for a stipend of $10/month.
    2. GCC will reimburse employees for 50% of a monthly bus pass up to $100/month.
    3. Van pools are offered to distant communities when there is sufficient demand from employees.
  • Glendale College employs a number of people in the police department to fill a full-time Transportation Coordinator position. These employees work with the Air Quality Management District (AQMD) to create alternative transportation options for the campus.
  • The Glendale Safe and Healthy Streets Program is a coalition of partners, including the City of Glendale, seeking to make our area safer for pedestrians and bicyclists. Please contribute your voice to this effort.

Suggestions from the Green Team include:

  • Update and substantially increase the alternative transportation incentives. The incentive to walk or bicycle to work is embarassingly insufficient.
  • Lobby the Glendale City Council to connect the Beeline to both the Glendale Transportation Center (bus and train) and the GCC Garfield campus in south Glendale.
Last updated: 11/24/2009 8:24:11 AM