Time & Location: Tuesday before Board of Trustee Meetings, 2:30 pm, AD 121

Mission Statement

The College Executive Committee constitutes an effective means of gathering information, deliberating and reporting on issues of concern to the college. College Executive has several sub-committees that report directly to it. College Executive is the highest governance committee on campus and approves all recommendations that the Superintendent/President is charged with carrying forward to the Board.

1. Serves as the highest and final level of review on governance issues.
2. Serves as the review body for governance items going to the Board of Trustees.
3. Serves as the campus Committee-on-Committees. It directs governance items through the process.
4. Reviews the report of the Budget subcommittee and makes appropriate recommendations on the annual budget.
5. Establishes and coordinates the mechanism for long-range planning and the development of the College Master Plan.
6. Serves as an appeals body for items rejected at a lower-level in the governance process.
7. Oversees the dissemination of information to the campus community.
8. Creates Task Force groups, as needed.

Committee composition determined by Administrative Regulation 2511, Governance Document.









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