Time & Location: 4th Monday, 2:30-4:00 pm, room: contact chair

Mission Statement

The mission of the committee is to promote student learning infoundational skills in reading, writing, mathematics, and English as a Second Language, as well as learning skills which are necessary for students to succeed in college-level work. The committee will work to promote an integrated and coherent approach to offer foundational skills to maximize the benefit to students.

Basic Skills classes:


Credit English, the levels range from English 182 to English 120.

Credit ESL, the levels are from ESL 111 to ESL 128.

Credit Math, the levels are from Math 190 to Math 141.

                 ----Information provided by Research & Planning (Terrence Yu)----


Joint Faculty:

Math -Kathy Holmes

Noncredit Continuing Education
Jan Young, Co-Chair

Michael Ritterbrown, Co-Chair

Kathy Flynn

Noncredit ESL
Megan Ernst

Student Services
Jeanette Stirdivant

Student Services
Ellen Oppenberg



Tatyana Bartholomew


Vice President, Instruction - Mary Mirch
Vice President, Student Services - Rick Perez
Interim Library & Learning Resources Director - Brenda Jones



Joy Cook



Sareen Tawillian, Juliana Kim




Amir Nour, Interim Controller

Edward Karpp, Dean Research, Planning and Grants
Terrence Yu, Research & Planning







Minutes Recorder:


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September 22, 2009
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May 28, 2009
April 30, 2009
March 16, 2009
February 23, 2009
January 26, 2009

November 11, 2008
October 6, 2008
April 24, 2008
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Anahit Melikyan, Foundational Skills Office

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