Turnitin offers a basic training, which is a 45-minute session with one of their support team members. They offer these sessions for free twice each day on Tuesday through Thursday (view schedule). These sessions cover basic functionality of Turnitin to help users get started and fuctional. The presenter can also answer sepecific questions.

Turnitin Academy

The Turnitin Academy is a series of highly interactive webinars geared toward taking instructors beyond just plagiarism prevention and toward a powerful pedagogy for 'writing to learn.' Developed and taught by a college professor and Turnitin power user, each one-hour session explores practical elements of using the entire Turnitin solution in the instructional process.

There's no cost to participate in these valuable professional development webinars. Pre-registered participants will receive certificates of completion.


Last updated: 3/12/2013 12:16:39 PM