Spring 2008 WAC Spring Faculty Colloquium

General Information and Proposal Guidelines

The Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) committee understands the importance of writing to learn. Moreover, we understand the complex problems associated with incorporating writing into content-specific coursework. There are several strategies that can be easily employed to simplify this task as well as make student writing more effective. The WAC committee proposes a special project whereby WAC coordinators work with faculty to implement such techniques within their courses and compare student outcomes to outcomes in prior semesters.

The project will consist of instructors who identify specific writing related challenges within their courses. The instructor will meet with the WAC coordinators and the other participants five times throughout the semester in workshops centered on strategies for success and progress in student writing. The first workshop will take place during the first week of the spring semester. During that meeting, we will set the meeting times and review the objectives of the workshop series.

To partially compensate instructors for their effort, the WAC program will provide a stipend in the amount of $225 for one semester to all chosen participants. You will also receive some excellent teaching materials such as copies of They Say, I Say: The Moves that Matter in Academic Writing (Graff and Birkenstein) and Engaging Ideas (Bean) In return, the participant is responsible for writing a report at the end of the project (June 2008) detailing observed outcomes in student writing and learning.

If you are interested in taking part in this project please complete the attached Proposal Form and return it to Sarah McLemore via e-mail at sarahm@glendale.edu  or via campus mail. Direct any questions or concerns to either Sarah McLemore (ext. 3122) or Mark Maier at mmaier@glendale.edu  (ext. 5468).
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