Take-Home Essay #2

25% of your grade will be based on the INTRODUCTION AND THESIS:

Is the introduction interesting, and does it lead logically into the thesis?

Does the thesis clearly respond to the assigned topic?

Does the thesis state the topic of the essay, as well as three distinct points about the topic?

Is the thesis clear, grammatical, and succinct?

Is the thesis placed properly at the end of the introductory paragraph?

25% of your grade will be based on OVERALL ESSAY UNITY:

Do topic sentences clearly relate back to your thesis, without simply repeating thesis points in the exact same words?

Do topic sentences indicate the main idea of each body paragraph?

25% of your grade will be based on PARAGRAPH UNITY AND COHERENCE:

Do all sentences within the body paragraphs support the idea stated in the topic sentence?

Have you selected quotations that clearly and powerfully support the point you are making?

Are examples and other supporting materials organized in an effective, logical manner (e.g., chronologically, emphatically, thematically, etc?)

Do you provide transitions between paragraphs and between distinct examples within the body paragraphs?

25% of your grade will be based on PARAGRAPH DEVELOPMENT AND USE OF QUOTATIONS:

Are topic sentences developed specifically, with examples, illustrations, concrete details, and/or explanations?

Does each body paragraph use and discuss at least two quotations from the readings?

Have you weeded out unnecessary abstractions and repetitive ideas?

Are quotations properly introduced and documented?

POSSIBLE DEDUCTIONS: Ten points per day for each day a paper is late (up to three days); Two points each for fragment and run-on sentences; One point each for errors in subject-verb agreement. Proofread carefully for these errors!

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