Happy Birthday martin Luther King Jr. 2011

This year we continued our dialogue with the children discussing what super powers Dr. King had.  The children had the most difficult time with the idea that someone who is a superhero would never hurt another person to help others, it just didn't seem possible.

 Everyone has a little Dr. King in them.

 Martin Circle


Happy Birthday 2010

Superhero MLK

Preschool children only understand now, they do not understand history. However, they do understand fairness, love and peace in the classroom. 


We made Martin Luther King Superheroes.  Some are not decorated, some have a cape, some have a mask, some have a heart on their chest to represent the love MLK had for all people. These Superheros flew all around the room and were used as puppets, saving people and animals. However, it was difficult to try to solve problems using peaceful methods, sometimes we were able to do it, and sometimes we sucumb to what we learned from our enviornment and television.

The children were asked a question. If they were a super heroes like MLK what would they do to help people? 

Serly said: "I'll buy them clothes", Andrew said: "make them a barbecue", Minehli said: "I'll paint the houses and streets", Amaras said: 'I make silly faces, and silly dance", Haya said: "For all people, build something"

This is our quilt of love it represents the love that Martin Luther King had for all people. May you find peace and love in your life.


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