1. Faculty Presentations and Awards
    1. On-campus Presentations
    2. Conference Presentations: Kathy McNeese, Nursing, Strengthening Student Success 2008
    3. POWER Awards:

      Course Outcomes/Faculty Researcher Stacy Jazan, Glendale College

                    Program Outcomes Kathy McNeese Glendale (Instructional)

                                                   Hoover  Zariani, Glendale (Student Services)

                    Integrator of the Year  Alice Mecom,Glendale College (SLOs in noncredit and credit and BSI)

  1. Grants
    1. Basic Skills Initiative
    2. Partnership for Excellence - Student Survey on SLOAC's
  2. Publications
    1. Chaparral
    2. Hoover Zariani, Student Learning Center
    3. FACCC
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