Picture by Arturo Diaz

Oculus of Roman Pantheon, Rome (photo taken by student Arturo Diaz)

Why study Italian?

In today's global society, international communication skills are becoming more and more important.  U.S. and international corporations seek individuals with diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds.  Italian can be a significant asset to students wishing to pursue careers in business, government, law, or education.

Furthermore, acquiring an understanding of a foreign language will help with the college application process. The advanced Italian courses (102, 103, 104) help satisfy the "Area 3 - Art and Humanities" requirement of the Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC).  Moreover, the UC system requires transfer students to take at least 1 semester of a foreign language (Italian 101).

In addition, many students that study a foreign language find that their native language skills also improve while their brains get a good workout!

Most of all, students find that they have fun during the learning process!  Learning Italian at Glendale is not only about acquiring a new language.  It involves broadening one's cultural perspectives, communicating with new and interesting people, and celebrating the Italian way, with food!

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