Glendale Community College
Hospitality & Tourism Management
Leadership & Customer Service Skills Workshop

A Leadership & Customer Service Skills Certificate will be given upon completion of both workshops.

Michael Lao holds a Master’s Degree in Hospitality Management from Cornell University and has been in the hotel & restaurant industry for over thirty years. Prior executive positions include Director of International Franchise Operations for Tony Roma’s Restaurant Chain, Operations Director for a multi-unit Quick Service chain, Franchise District Manager as well as key Executive positions in Hotel Management.

He is currently the Program Director of the Hospitality & Tourism Management Program at Glendale Community College and is the Operations Consultant to Absolutely Italian Management Group, the Eton Hotel brand and numerous food service concepts.

Achieving Excellence in Customer Service (LCS 1)

A recent MasterCard poll suggests that 80% of all restaurant complaints are related to poor service, not inadequate products. 23% of those surveyed said they would never return to a restaurant where they were dissatisfied with the service they received.

Customer service can not be approached anymore as just a series of mechanical functions: serve from the left, clear from the right, tiring and insincere greetings from the hostess and servers etc. Learn how to gain a competitive advantage in providing true customer service and start your current staff on a new paradigm and mindset to meet the new trends, evolutions and patterns occurring in the hospitality industry.

Some of the major topics include:
· The rules of First Class Service
· Why a Guest Complaint is a Gift!
· Service Fumble and Recovery: The 6 steps of Service Recovery
· The Cycle of Service: What you need to know about the Twelve “Moments of Truth”.
· The “Myths” of customer service
· How to get Customers to Come Back
· Understanding the “lifetime Value” approach to customer satisfaction

Developing Leadership Skills in the Hospitality Industry (LCS 2)

So you promote your best hourly personnel to a Team Leader / Supervisory position but you are not seeing any substantial results? Could it be that you chose the wrong person? Is promoting the fastest and most productive server or bartender or cook the right choice? Your understanding of what the key skill sets are will assist you tremendously in choosing the right candidate.

It could very well be that they did not fully understand their new role as a team Leader/Supervisor. The transition from an “hourly mindset” to a “supervisory” mindset is difficult. To transition successfully into the Supervisory world requires many new skill sets which will be explained in full detail.

Some of the major topics include:
· The criteria for selecting a Supervisor
· Understanding the “Transitional difficulties”
· Changing the mindset
· Understanding the “Role of a Supervisor”
· The new skill sets’ to become an effective Supervisor
· Mastering the eight functions of management
· How to develop a “teamwork” environment

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