Glendale Community College
Hospitality & Tourism Management
Maximizing Restaurant Profitability (MRP) Workshop

A Restaurant Operations Certificate will be given upon completion of both workshops.

Michael Lao holds a Master’s Degree in Hospitality Management from Cornell University and has been in the hotel & restaurant industry for over thirty years. Prior executive positions include Director of International Franchise Operations for Tony Roma’s Restaurant Chain, Operations Director for a multi-unit Quick Service chain, Franchise District Manager as well as key Executive positions in Hotel Management.

He is currently the Program Director of the Hospitality & Tourism Management Program at Glendale Community College and is the Operations Consultant to Absolutely Italian Management Group, the Eton Hotel brand and numerous food service concepts.

Controlling Food & Beverage Costs (MRP 1)
(Why a low F & B Cost percent may be a negative thing)

Controlling and reducing product cost has always been one of the key functions of a good manager / operator. In the highly competitive food service world today, a low food or beverage cost percent (compared to industry) may not always reflect an efficient operation. On the contrary, it can mean a loss of market share and competitive edge.

Learn and understand:
-  Why a low food and beverage cost percent may be a bad thing.
- Comparative analysis with industry trends and statistics.
-  The Product Cost Control Cycle – How to locate waste & theft
-  Inventory turnover rate
-  Understanding the difference between Cost and Waste
- Utilizing K.I.T. system to control internal theft
-  How are you managing & Analyze your menu matrix
- The advantages of using standard food cost methodology vs. traditional food costing.
-  Why the General Manager or Chef that does not want to take vacation time may be a “ Red Flag”.
-  Why keeping up with and applying Technology in your business is a must for market growth and increasing market share.

     Controlling Labor Cost & Employee Turnover (MRP 2)
                                Why overtime is not a bad word but salary is!

Your restaurant sales are doing well operationally but the labor issues never seem to end. Issues like absenteeism, low morale, high employee turnover rate, high labor cost percent both in hourly personnel and management salaries etc. The new minimum wage is not helping either. How do you retain your key employees and reduce employee turnover? Cash flow and operating margins are greatly affected.

Learn key topics like:
-  How your Management Philosophy can greatly affect your business
-  How are you managing your Top line and Bottom line
-  Operational Impact – Financial & non tangible costs
    · Industry Statistics on the true cost of Employee Turnover: 
-  Real truth on why employees leave.
     · Understanding employee disengagement & what triggers the process
-  Employee Retention Strategy
-   Myths of employee turnover/Labor cost
-  Understanding the New Workforce – Gen Y
-  Utilizing productivity standards as a staffing guideline

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