Introduction to Hospitality and Tourism

This program will introduce students to the spectrum of opportunities that exist today in the hospitality and tourism industry.

Participants will start their foundation in and understanding of what it takes for an exciting, challenging and satisfying career in one of the largest, most important industries in the new global economy—Hospitality and Tourism. The program will introduce participants to the multiple facets of the industry through case studies and live demonstrations, students will explore the opportunities available in restaurants, hotels, beverage operations, casinos, theme venues, entertainment centers, cruise lines, and other hospitality and tourism businesses. This program is a critical first step in preparing students for entry into the credit Hospitality program at Glendale Community College.

The core requirements include 6 courses and 2 electives. Students must satisfactorily complete at least 8 courses to be awarded a certificate of completion. If pursuing a degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management at Glendale Community College, students completing this program may have the requirement of HRM 115 “Introduction to the Hospitality Industry” waived.

Core Courses

Take in the following order:

    ·    OBT 065  Careers in Hospitality
·    OBT 066  Hospitality and Tourism

May be taken anytime, in any order:

    ·     OBT 035  On the Job Communications
    ·    OBT 050  Customer Service
    ·    OBT 070  Introduction to Computers

Two of the following electives may be taken anytime, in any order:

    ·    OBT 011  Beginning Keyboarding (elective)
    ·    OBT 031  Business Writing: Email (elective)
    ·    OBT 055  Office Equipment (elective)
    ·    OBT 080  Windows XP (elective)
    ·    OBT 140  Introduction to Internet (elective)

Final course:  OBT 040  21st Century Employment Strategies

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