30-Unit Option LVN Application Information

This alternative avenue to RN licensure is available to individuals licensed as an LVN in California. Successful completion of prescribed courses provides eligibility to apply for licensure by examination as a registered nurse in the State of California. Completion of this option does not result in either the awarding of the Associate in Science degree or status as a graduate of the Glendale Community College Nursing Program. The licensure resulting from successful completion of requirements and NCLEX examination may not be acceptable in all states. The license held by those who complete this option will specify the holder as a "30-Unit Option."

  1. The following are eligibility prerequisites for admission into the 30-Unit Option:
    • Possession of a current California Vocational Nursing License in good standing.
    • Completion of the following courses:
      • Biology 121 (Physiology - 4.0 units)
      • Biology 112 (Microbiology - 5.0 units)
      • NOTE: Physiology and Microbiology must have been taken within the last 7 years to meet the recency requirement.
    • Submit official transcripts of all academic/nursing coursework.
    • Complete health requirements and present valid Fire Safety and CPR cards if accepted into the option (all must be current/valid for the entire semester).
  2. The transcript requirements listed above require that 2 SEALED official transcripts must be submitted to the Department of Nursing, Glendale Community College, from each college attended, INCLUDING Glendale College. Students only need to submit one transcript from GCC.
  3. Prescribed Course Sequence:

Summer or Winter Intersession
LVN-RN Bridge Course
Pharmacology Update

NS 217   
NS 218     

1.0 units
1.5 units

1st Semester
Psychiatric Nursing
Medical-Surgical Nursing III

NS 222
NS 213

3.5 units
4.5 units

Summer or Winter Intersession
Inter-Clinical Experience

NS 216

2.0 units

2nd Semester
Medical-Surgical Nursing IV
Contemporary Nursing Practice

NS 214
NS 215


Please remember to notify the Department of Nursing of any name, address, or telephone change. Counseling is available at 818-240-1000 ext. 5918.

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