CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) Skill Award

The purpose of this certificate is to provide the student with an understanding of the equipment and software used by the manufacturing industry. The classes in this skill award are the fundamental classes required that give the student the basic skills and tools for seeking an internship, part-time, or full time employment in the manufacturing industry.

Required Courses (16 units total):

Machine Technology 101 (3 units)
Basic Machine Shop Practices

Computer Aided Manufacturing 210 (3 units)
Basic CNC Milling

Computer Aided Manufacturing 211 (3 units)
Intermediate CNC Milling

Computer Aided Manufacturing 220 (3 units)
Basic CNC Lathe

Computer Aided Manufacturing 230 (1 unit)
MasterCAM and CNC Milling Practice

Computer Aided Manufacturing 240 (1 unit)
MasterCAM and CNC Lathe Practice

Engineering 102 (2 units)
Print Reading for Industry

If you have any questions about this Skill Award, please contact
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