The Associate in Arts in Communication Studies for Transfer Degree is designed to prepare the student to transfer to four-year institution of higher education and specifically intended to satisfy lower division requirements for the Baccalaureate Degree in Communication Studies at a California State University. The knowledge and skill offered in this degree help our students build satisfying and productive relationship in their careers as well in their personal and civic lives

Required Core: Speech 101
List A: Select two courses (6 units): Speech 100, 103, or 104
List B: Select two courses (6 units): Any course from list A not used above;
Journalism/Mass Communication 101, Speech 106, 108, 191+, 192+, 193+
List C Select one course (3 units): Any course from List A or B not used above:
English 102 or 102H, 104: Journalism 102; Psychology 101 or 101H 
+A maximum of three units combined may be applied to the major

Required Units for Major: 18 units*
CSUGE (40 units) or IGETC (37-39 units)
Total Units Required for Degree (60 units) **
*Units for major may be double-counted for CSUGE or IGETC
** Elective units to reach 60 unit total must be CSU transferable
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