Star athlete, police officer, fire chief –MIKE HANEY, PRESIDENT OF THE GLENDALE COLLEGE FOUNDATION has had a career trajectory that youngsters dream about. But as a boy growing up in Glendale, the road ahead was not always clear. Coming out of high school, his grades weren’t up to USC’s standards, and although his golf game was good, it wasn’t good enough to turn pro. His father, George, encouraged Mike to go to his own alma mater, Glendale College.

Mike Haney“Glendale College was a big part of my success,” says Haney. “It gave me the foundation to become an All-American [golfer] and to graduate from USC.

Haney was honored in 2006 by the GCC Athletic Hall of Fame for outstanding athletic achievement as a standout golfer for the Vaqueros in 1970 and 1971. Bill Reinhard, who had a relationship with the campus that spanned 50 years, was the golf coach at the time. “He was a great mentor,” says Haney, “the success that I had in the two years at Glendale College helped me to qualify No. 1 for the Trojans in 1972.” He was USC All-American in Golf, and co-captain of the USC Golf Team in 1973.

After graduating from USC with a degree in business finance and real estate, Haney golfed professionally for a couple of years, spent almost a decade as a police officer in Glendale moving up from the reserves, and served 25 years with the Glendale Fire Department, the last 10 years as Battalion Chief. Now he’s using that degree in business finance and real estate as the Marketing Director for Arroyo Investment Group & Capital Research & Consulting.

As the incoming Foundation President in the college's 85th year, Haney sees opportunity to build on the successes of past years. “I want to bridge the gap between the Alumni, the Foundation and the Trustees, says Haney. He credits his predecessors with beginning that process. “It’s all about incremental progress” he says, “If you do a little better every year, over time you have a great success. Reaching out to alumni is an important part of that process.” Haney has been with the Foundation since 2007.

Haney’s message to alumni is simple. “Unless they’re part of the local community, alumni tend to forget their years here. But GCC gave them a great foundation,” he says. “When you give back to this school, it really makes an impact.”

Haney was instrumental to the success of re-establishing the golf program, cancelled in 1984 and brought back under Coach Greg Osbourne in 2007. “This was huge,” says Haney. “The local kids had to go to distant community colleges if they wanted to play golf. Greg Osbourne and the other coaches have done wonders with both the men’s and women’s golf teams. It’s one of the most rewarding things about my time with the Foundation.”
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