1. How do I enroll and register for classes?

As a new student, you should register at the time and date given to you on your registration appointment card when you were admitted. Prior to registration, complete the following steps:

As a continuing student, you are eligible to register through MyGCC on the date and time indicated under your Enrollment Appointment or at any time thereafter while registration is open. Complete the following steps:

  • Step 1: See a Counselor to develop or update your Student Education Plan.
  • Step 2: Choose your classes from those listed in the Class Schedule.
  • Step 3: Register for classes using MyGCC @ https://mygcc.glendale.edu/psmygcc/login.asp

2. How much are the registration fees?

California residents: The State-mandated enrollment fee is $46 per unit. The Non-Resident Tuition is $187 per unit. Out-of-State and international students must pay this fee in addition to the basic enrollment fee, plus a $8 per unit charge for capital outlay fee. Details and a list of other fees are included in the class schedule.

3. How do I drop a class?

As a student, you are responsible (not the instructor) for withdrawing from class(es) in which you are officially enrolled. The student should drop the class using MyGCC @ https://mygcc.glendale.edu/psmygcc/login.asp. If you fail to attend a class in which you are officially enrolled and do not drop the class, you may receive a failing grade. If withdrawal from a full-term course occurs within the first two weeks of the semester, no grade will be recorded on your permanent academic record. If you withdraw from a full-term course between the third week of instruction through the end of the tenth week of instruction, you will receive a grade of "W" on your permanent record. You may not drop or withdraw from classes after the end of the tenth week of instruction. Be sure to check the "Important Dates" in the class schedule. Deadlines vary for dropping summer classes and eight and nine week classes.

4. How do I keep track of the different deadlines?

Refer to the "Important Dates" page of the curent schedule of classes or log into your MyGCC student portal. In MyGCC, click on the "time clock" next to each class listed in your class schedule.

Refer to the "Important Dates" page of the curent schedule of classes or log into your MyGCC student portal. In MyGCC, click on the "time clock" next to each class listed in your class schedule.

5. What do I do when the class I want to take is closed?

If the class is closed and if there is space on the waiting list, ADD YOURSELF TO THE WAIT LIST. During the registration period, IF other students drop, students on the waiting list will be automatically moved into the class in the order they were placed on the wait list. If you have elected to be placed on a wait list, it is your responsiblity to monitor your enrollment into the class. If you get enrolled in the class, you will be charged the fee for this class. The college strictly adheres to all deadlines and dates.

6. How do I find out about the Attendance and Drop Policy of my classes?

You are expected to attend all class meetings. It is your responsibility to know the attendance and absence policy of each class in which you are enrolled. It is the responsibility of each instructor to inform his or her class of the attendance and absence policies at the beginning of each semester. You may be dropped from a class for failure to attend all class meetings in the first week of instruction if you have not made prior arrangements with your instructor.

7. What is the maximum number of units I can take?

The college policy for the maximum number of units per semester is 19. The maximum number of units per winter or summer session is 8. Students wishing to take more than 19 units during a semester or more than 8 units during a winter or summer session must obtain approval from the Director of Admissions & Records.

8. How many units must I take to be considered a full-time student?

If you enrolled in 12 or more units you are considered a full-time student. (During the summer and winter sessions, if you are enrolled in 4 or more units, you are considered a full-time student).

9. How do I calculate my Grade Point Average?

The Grade Point Average (GPA) is computed by dividing the total grade points earned by the total grade points attempted.

Grade or Symbol Meaning Grade Points per Semester Unit



Better Than Average




Passing, Less than Satisfactory



CR or Pass


NC or No Pass

No credit






Calculating Your GPA Sample

Course Units Grade Grade Points
English 101 3 B 9
Math 141 4 A 16
History 110 3 B 9
Total Units Attempted 10 Total Grade Points 34

Divide the total grade points earned by the total number of units attempted.

34 divided by 10= 3.40 GPA

10. What are Pass/No Pass Courses?

There are two kinds of P/NP courses. The first category consists of classes that are only offered on a P/NP basis. These courses are listed in the college catalog and noted in the class schedule.

The second category consists of courses which you may choose to take on a P/NP basis. To do so, you must use the "Petition to Take a Class for Pass/No Pass" and submit it to the Office of Admissions and Records by the Friday of the third week of instruction for a semester-length class or the Tuesday of the second week of instruction for all other classes. If you elect to take classes on a P/NP basis, you must participate in the class as a regular student. If the grade awarded by the instructor is a C or higher, the grade is recorded as a P. If the instructor assigns a grade of D or F, the grade is recorded as NP.

11. What does it mean to be a student "in good standing"?

A student whose records shows a minimum 2.0 GPA and is making satisfactory progress is considered to be "in good standing".

12. Do I have to repeat a class in which I received a D or F grade?

It is to the student's benefit to repeat a class in which he/she received a grade of D or F in order to raise the GPA. In order to satisfy major requirements, and General Education Requirements for CSU Breadth and IGETC, the student must have a minimum of "C" grade in all courses.

If you received a grade of D or F in a course, you may enroll in the course again. After you successfully complete the course, you should fill out the "Request to Count the Higher Grade" and submit it to the Office of Admissions and Records so the original grade of D or F will not be calculated in your grade-point average.

13. How may I contribute to the College and be part of student activities?

By getting involved in student government and activities, you can contribute your suggestions, efforts and energy to support current programs and improvements for the betterment of students and the College. Student activities can enrich your college experience. The Associated Students of Glendale Community College (ASGCC) is the official student government organization. You are encouraged to obtain information about campus activities and student leadership programs in the Office of Student Affairs located in the Campus Center.

14. How do I get a transcript & what makes it official?

15. I don't know what I want to major in. Who can help me?

The Career Center located on the second floor of the San Rafael building can help you determine a major or course of study. Students are facilitated in the career exploration process through surveys, computerized systems and career tests. The staff provides individualized career counseling, as well as mini-workshops and classroom interaction. Call the Career Center at extension 5407 for day and evening hours.

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