Noncredit ESL Writing Workshop Series

Fall 2012

Garfield Campus


Based on our assessment findings at our Division's Spring 2012 Retreat, we are offering 3 workshops this semester that focus on teaching writing to our students.


Friday, September 28, 1 - 3 pm

I. Parts of Speech and Sentence Structure (video)


Link to Alice's Sentence Guide


II. Sentence Pattern Activity (video)

Photo of Hasmik's Sentence Activity:

Sentence Structure

III. Punctuation (video)

Marilyn's Handouts:

Sentence Expansion Chart


Sentence Expansion #2

Teacher Feedback


Friday, October 12, 1 - 3 pm

 IV. Topic vs. Details and Paragraph Structure (video)

Motivating Students to Write

Transitive & Instransitive Verbs

Teacher Feedback


Friday, October 26, 10 am - 12

 Providing Feedback to Students on Writing Assignments

Teacher Feedback



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