Please note the deadline for submissions is during the Spring semester. Scholarship recipients will be recognized at the Classified Council picnic. Application form must be accompanied by student’s short essay and supervisor’s recommendation letter.

It is time to nominate your best student worker for a Classified Council scholarship. The scholarships have been a tradition since 1977. The dollar amount of the scholarships are based on the fundraising efforts of Classified Council each year.

If you are supervising a student worker who meets the criteria below and feel that you would like to nominate this student for a Classified Council Scholarship please use the application form provided here: Click here to download APPLICATION FORM.

Criteria for recommending a student:

1. The student must work under the supervision of a member of the classified staff.

2. The student must be employed through the Student Employment Services.

3. The student must be:
 a. currently enrolled in a minimum of 6 units
 b. have completed 12 units at the end of the previous semester
 c. have a minimum GPA of 2.5

4. The student should be dependable, dedicated, enthusiastic and have definite goals. Financial hardship is also taken into consideration. Students should include in their letter any extracurricular activities such as student clubs or volunteer work. 

If you have a student worker you would like to nominate:

1. Have the student worker fill out the application form.

2. Have the student worker provide a description of his/her educational and career goals, volunteer or extracurricular activities and financial hardship.

3. The supervisor(s) MUST write a letter of recommendation stating the reasons why this student worker is worthy of an award. We would appreciate information that will help in forming a well-rounded picture of the nominee.

4. Please send the application, student workers essay and your recommendation to Wendy Grove in the Marketing and Public Information Office.

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