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  • Finished needed setup for Garfield Active Directory configuration.
  • Completed final storage configuration and backup process.
  • Tested load balancing for redundancy and system failover during outage.
  • Tested reliably and connection to various clients – Outlook, mobile, etc.
  • Discussed and worked with Sample email address aliases. List of needed aliases ready for go-live.
  • Discussed and worked with sample distribution groups. List of needed distribution groups ready for go-live.
  • Prepared for end to end testing starting today.

Next Steps

  • Starting on 5/22/13 we will be moving the college community to Exchange and Outlook Web Application. As needed and requested the Outlook desktop client will be installed and configured.
  • During the implementation phase ITS will hold several open labs to allow faculty and staff the opportunity to work with OWA with hands-on help if needed.
  • The open labs will be held in the ITS PEP room using 10 devices on a first come first serve basis.
  • The implementation dates and open lab dates and hours are listed in the table below.

Exchange Open Lab and Rollout Schedule









Begin migration of ITS.



Memorial Day


ITS up on Exchange/OWA.

Begin installing Outlook client in ITS and registering with Active Directory.


Open Lab  9AM – Noon


Open Lab 1PM – 4PM




ITS up on Outlook Client.


Open Lab  9AM – Noon

Open Lab 1PM – 4PM


Begin migration of Intermedia (Exchange service) users.

Open Lab 1PM – 4PM

Open Lab 5PM – 9PM


Open Lab 9AM – Noon

Open Lab 1PM – 4PM



Exchange/OWA up for

Intermedia users.

Begin installing Outlook client in Intermedia and registering with Active Directory.


Open Lab 1PM – 4PM

Open Lab 5PM – 9PM


Open Lab 9AM – Noon

Open Lab 1PM – 4PM


Open Lab 1PM – 4PM

Open Lab 5PM – 9PM


Migration of College-wide begins.

Intermedia users up on Outlook Client.






Exchange/OWA up College-wide.



Begin registering with Active Directory and, where requested, moving users to Outlook Client.






For your reference –

Training videos and materials are posted to the GCC Exchange Project Training Site.

  • Beginning this week training materials for Glendale College will start to be posted. 

Q&A -

The following are the questions gathered during the week from interested parties. These questions and answers will be posted on the Exchange Project site with other status items and training materials.

1. When will the students be migrated to Exchange?


Answer: Students will remain on their current Gmail system. The Exchange project or services do not affect students.


2. June is so busy. What happens if there is a problem?


Answer: The migration will be done in three stages with ITS being the first group; we should find any show-stopping issues during this time. The next group will be the 35 Exchange Service users who are experienced Exchange/Outlook users they help us work out the kinks before converting the full college faculty and staff.
To guard against technical problems, we have a system architecture to prevent a down time event from happening. During the migration all email will be captured by the Sendmail server (Current system) and the Exchange system If an unrecoverable interruption in service were to take place we would revert to the Sendmail system. 

3. Will I need to learn another login and password to use Outlook on the Web?

Answer: Your login will remain the same. However, you will need to reset your password the first time you access Exchange/OWA. Instructions on how to access Exchange, your temporary password and how to change it will be posted on the Web in Private Links soon. 

4. Are we planning to integrate voice-mail into the new email calendar system?

Answer: Voice-mail integration is not part of this project.  Exchange has the capability of voice-mail integration. This capability depends on the phone system and configuration.

5. What is Exchange?

Answer: Exchange is the software and systems in the background that makes email, calendar, contacts and tasks work together. It makes sure that what you see on your desktop, the web and your mobile device are all synchronized.

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