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  • Completed needed setup for production ready system.
  • Completed migration of ITS central staff.
  • Set plans for next group to be migrated, Intermedia Exchange users. Scheduled to begin 6/5/13.
  • Continuing to discuss configuration of firewall and F5 load balancer in relation to Exchange. We expect resolution on 5/28/13.
  • Started ITS deployment of Outlook client and registering in Active Directory on 5/28/13.
  • Prepared for Open Labs in ITS PEP room Wednesday, 9AM – Noon and Thursday, 1PM – 4PM.

Next Steps

  • Address issues found during the ITS implementation.
  • Start Intermedia Exchange Service migration.
  • Complete ITS Outlook client implementation.

Exchange Open Lab and Rollout Schedule







Memorial Day


ITS up on Exchange/OWA.

Begin installing Outlook client in ITS and registering with Active Directory.


Open Lab 9AM – Noon


Open Lab 1PM – 4PM




ITS up on Outlook Client.


Open Lab 9AM – Noon

Open Lab 1PM – 4PM


Begin migration of Intermedia (Exchange service) users.

Open Lab 1PM – 4PM

Open Lab 5PM – 9PM


Open Lab 9AM – Noon

Open Lab 1PM – 4PM



Exchange/OWA up for

Intermedia users.

Begin installing Outlook client in Intermedia and registering with Active Directory.


Open Lab 1PM – 4PM

Open Lab 5PM – 9PM


Open Lab 9AM – Noon

Open Lab 1PM – 4PM


Open Lab 1PM – 4PM

Open Lab 5PM – 9PM


Migration of College-wide begins.

Intermedia users up on Outlook Client.






Exchange/OWA up College-wide.



Begin registering with Active Directory and, where requested, moving users to Outlook Client.




For your reference

Training videos and materials are posted to the GCC Exchange Project Training Site.


  • First-time login for Glendale College Exchange Guide
  • Email Quick Start Guide
  • Calendar Quick Start Guide
  • Contacts Quick Start Guide
  • Forwarding Email Guide

Q&A -

The following are the questions gathered during the week from interested parties. These questions and answers will be posted on the Exchange Project site with other status items and training materials.

1. Will my browser have to be updated? If it has to, this will be a problem. Almost all of my word processing documents (old exams, etc.) were created in a Mac only software called Write Now. I have to run system 9 in emulation mode with system 10 so that I am able to access all of my files. I will need to keep doing this for one more year?

Answer: There is a big difference between OS9 and 10. I am not sure how the emulation will affect OWA. I need to know your browser and version. It would be great if we could meet and we could do some tests on your system. No changes required just Web access. You will at least have to use the OWA light version. I can explain the differences when we talk.

I will be in most the Open Labs if you want to stop by. Let me know and we can pick one when I am there. Otherwise will me know when and where, please if possible give me some option. I am on campus Wednesday and Thursday next week.

2. I am retired and use for my email only. I am a Mac user and use Apple Mail for my mail program and Apple Calendar for my calendar. What changes will I have to make if any? I have a lot of time invested in my current system and it works well for me and synchronizes with my iPhone and to a limited but sufficient synching with my wife's iPhone, iPad and MacBookPro.

Answer: After researching your questions I have the following answer. It is from our Exchange Project lead consultant.

  • We will be turning off Pop and IMAP as part of this project. With newer protocols and wireless synchronization they are outdated.
  • Using our new the Uverse Smarthost problem goes away and the ISP is irrelevant.
  • Lastly, he can use the Apple mail client but the Outlook for Mac is so much richer. He can start pulling names, calendars and assigning task or reminders. That said if he wishes to remain, he will have to carefully balance using his iPhone/iPad to sync to his Apple Calendar or he can have the two Calendars side by side. I use the Exchange calendar myself for everything and I use Gmail, my own Exchange as well as AOL and one other Exchange. I have an iPhone and I use a Mac. However, I use Outlook for Mac.

Another option might be to setup a free Apple iCloud account and forward your GCC mail to it. If you want to pursue this idea you should be able to search for iCloud and find more information. I would be happy to talk further about it. I will be in most the Open Labs if you want to stop by. Let me know and we can pick one when I am there.

Jack Raubolt
Senior Consultant, ITS 

Last updated: 5/28/2013 10:52:14 AM