Welcome to Ethnic Studies 101 Saturday Hybrid Class

I know we are anxiously awaiting the beginning of our class! But first, you need to complete these 5 steps:

1. First and foremost, this is a hybrid class. Although it is listed as an online class, we do have mandatory on-campus class meetings (no exceptions). Here are the dates AND locations:

A. Orientation: FRIDAY February 22 in SG 136 5-7:30 (you must bring picture ID)

B. Class Meeting: Saturday March 2 in SF 102

C. Class Meeting: Saturday March 30 in SF 102

D. Class Meeting: Saturday May 4 in SF 102

E. Class Meeting: Saturday June 1 in SF 102

2. Now there are synchronous / real time online class times every week unless noted. Students choose ONE of the class times each week. SKYPE will be used for class times. Choose ONE.

A.Tuesdays 7p-8p
B.Wednesdays 10p-11p
C.Thursdays 4p-5p

*You don’t have to stick to the same time every week.

3. We will be using Moodle AND turnitin.com. Here are some login steps you have to do BEFORE CLASS on Friday

A. Get onto Moodle by going to moodle.glendale.edu. If you are new to Moodle, follow these simple steps:

  • Don't Panic!

  • Use the GCC Student ID number as the USERNAME.

  • Use the six-digit date of birth (mmddyy) as the password to join into the system.

  • CREATE a NEW password as directed by the screen.

  • ENJOY the new Moodle Learning Environment!

B. Go to our class and make sure to READ the directions in WEEK 1. To ensure you have received this welcome letter and to confirm your identity, you must do the “CHECK-IN” assignment in the Moodle page under WEEK 1. FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS.

C. Create an account on turnitin.com.

Your class ID # is 123456

Your class password is: starwars

You can figure it out by following the directions. Make sure to use your GCC email account.

4.  Be prepared to have FUN and to come with an open mind. This class IS ABOUT Ethnic Minorities in the US so issues of justice and injustice WILL BE DISCUSSED. In addition, interactions and group activities will be conducted, so I expect polite and high energy attitudes. SEE YOU SOON!
5.  If you have any concerns, please contact me at ext.1234, visit my office at XX345, or email me at iteach@glendale.edu.

I look forward to meeting you. Remember that Friday’s orientation is mandatory! NO EXCEPTIONS. Students will be dropped for NOT attending. PERIOD! NO EXCEPTIONS. But I plan on providing you a high energy class that will be informative yet fun. Get ready to play!

Ms. Fabulous Faculty

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