Mike HaneyIf the purpose of a community college is to help students prepare for a successful future, then Mike Haney could be the poster boy for what is good about Glendale College. He is being honored tonight for outstanding athletic achievement as a standout golfer for the Vaqueros in 1970 and 1971 under head coach Bill Reinhard.

A glance at his resume will show his dedication to civil service, as evidenced by his five years as a police officer in Glendale and 25 years with the Glendale Fire Department. The last 10 years he served as Battalion Chief. Mike has donated his time to several civic organizations over the years and remains someone that can be counted on to lend a helping hand to others.

Mike HaneyBorn and raised in Glendale, Haney did not grow up wanting to apprehend bad guys and put out fires. He played all sports as a young man and could probably have excelled at almost anything he tried his hand at while attending Glendale High. But he couldn’t escape the allure of the golf course, considering that Oakmont Country Club was just a chip shot away from where his family lived. Haney now resides near the home where he grew up.

He took to the game quickly, playing along with his dad, George, who is also a Glendale College alumni. Mike first picked up a club at age six and played as often as he could and quickly became one of the top junior players in Southern California. He supplemented his love of the game by working at Oakmont and the La Canada Country Club as a cart, bag and range boy in junior high and high school.

Mike Haney“I have so many fond memories of playing golf for the Vaqueros under the leadership of Bill Reinhard. Glendale College gave me the foundation for my success in golf and life. Glendale College helped me develop my golf game to the next level,’’ Haney said when informed about his being inducted into the hall of fame. “As I was growing up in Glendale, I always wanted to play golf for the USC Trojans. Glendale College helped me accomplish that goal. The success that I had in the two years at Glendale College helped me to qualify No. 1 for the Trojans in 1972. I owe a lot of my success to Glendale College.’’

Mike HaneyThat success includes watching his son, Grant, take up golf and play well enough to make the golf team at Cal State Monterey Bay and being on hand for his daughter Carlee as she prepares to graduate from high school in a few months. Mike retired from the fired department in December of 2006 to start a new career as a financial consultant but the lure of playing golf is there every time he walks out the front door of his house.
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