We thought about what to teach this fall and it seemed that going on walks to check out and collect specimens that demonstrate changes in the environment in the fall seemed interesting. 

We began thinking about fall and how we can bring excitement to the idea of the changes we see happening when we stumbled on a book called: I See Animals Hiding. In this book was many good words to describe how animals hide, but the one that stuck out was Camouflaged.

We looked for pictures of animals hiding in there natural environment we showed the children. You can imagine the excitement they expressed when they located the animals. It was time to read the book and then do an art project.

We put out some of the specimens of fall they had collected and some paint and a copy of an owl.

beginning to pain owls 

Then we supported them as they camouflaged their owl.


                   owl on paper  


owls in camouflage

We went outdoors and the fun continued. One child hid and the children tried to find him, but he was camouflaged.

camouflaged child

Can you see him hiding?

The children wanted to show their moms the pictures of the animals hiding and so the parents became involved in the lesson plan.

The next day we put up a shadow sheet and the children learned about shadows. We incorporated shadows with camouflage and they stretched their imaginations. 

children in shadows

children in shadows

We thought that the children would like to see their face in the shadows so we traced there profile.

shadow profiles

We asked the mommies. Can you find your child? and they did.

Then we took some of the specimens of fall we found on our walk, and made hats to be camouflaged. We went outdoors and hid in the bushes.

hats to be camouflaged

 and we are still there!

For a child to comprehend and incorporate new experiences and language they need to play at it to really understand it.  Gathering and collection things in nature creates an environment of discovery, intrigue, and surprise. Sharing it with your friends at school only heightens the experience. Children learn so much from this activity. They learn colors, pre- reading and writing skills, shapes, math, new words and language that goes with the topic, and much more. 

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